Thursday, October 10, 2013

Marcus Borg on Atonement Theory

"The image of Jesus as the 'once for all' sacrifice for sin has often been misunderstood in Christian history. It has been placed within a theological framework that emphasizes that we are all sinners, that our sins must be paid for in order for God to forgive us, and that Jesus is the sacrifice who paid the price. This theological framework is a later development, not present in the first thousand years of Christianity."

~Dr. Marcos Borg

IMO, that pretty much settles the case for the validity of atonement theories.  Atonement theories were one of the first things I discarded eight or so years ago. I respect Dr. Borg tremendously and have followed his back and forth commentary with Tony Jones, whom I also respect, on the how we should see the resurrection. Here's what Dr. Borg has to say, and here is Tony's comments.

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