Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sick........and Tired

I am so glad "political season" is done for now. So tired of the lies and innuendos that are fired back and forth from both sides. When I say "political season", you can understand what I mean. Why can't we see how destructive this "us versus them" is to our nation. Never, since I have been politically aware (some 55 years) have I seen it as destructive as it is today. The "us versus them" is not restricted to America, but is spread all over our globe. When will we as humans learn that "us versus them" is the surest way to bring about the end of civilization. I am serious! Political gamesmanship has been the stock and trade of U.S. politics for centuries, but it has become particularly nasty in recent decades. And, "us versus them" is no longer restricted to politics. It has become just as nasty in the religious realm as well. Man has always attempted to explain the the unexplainable and describe the indescribable, to his and others of his group, to their satisfaction. Yet, there are other groups (of human beings) who see it differently, who explain and describe things quite contrarily. So we have "us versus them in the religious arena as well.
Some would say "hate" is too strong a word to use in describing "the other" in these areas (political and religious). Others would say "hate" is not strong enough. We need to think long and seriously about what we are doing to ourselves (the human race) when we make these two areas of life so contentious. Where is the brotherly love that is so talked about in the religious life of people. How can a so called religious nation not follow the simple directive of the one whom they claim to follow:
Love God with all your heart, and YOUR NEIGHBOR (your fellow human beings) as yourself.
Instead, we show vile self-hatred of ourselves by expressing an almost total lack of love for our neighbors in this "global" society. Quit saying you love God, if you don't show love for your neighbor, whomever he or she may be.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Here's one to Ponder

I saw this quote recently on Facebook:

"What can we say about anything that wasn't regurgitated to us by someone else".

I have been mulling this quote over in my mind. Perhaps it's time to start seriously thinking about this. When we're talking about spirituality, religion, life in general, maybe we need to think for ourselves rather than repeating what we heard someone else say. Is that even possible? I guess I really never thought about it before. There had to be original thinking on someone's part at some time about everything I listed above. But, now that we're further on down the road. Is it possible? I've been on a journey for over ten years trying to decide what I really believe about the above subjects. Maybe I don't believe anything about any of them in particular. Maybe I just "think" certain ways when it comes to those subjects. Maybe belief is not the best way to describe it. I have changed what I "believe" myriads of times in the ten years. So, maybe there needs to be another way to describe it. I'll keep looking...............