Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Here in the United States Christmas is a special holiday. For the majority of people, it is a time of reflection, peace, love, giving. People,  Christian or not, get swept-up in the season. I love getting swept-up in it. It doesn't seem to matter that most probably Jesus was not born on the 25th day of December, or a large number of the "Christmas traditions" are borrowed from other religions or ethic traditions ( http://locallyyoursonline.net/Borrowed-Christmas.htm ). I think it's the spirit of the whole thing that matters. Jesus was believed to have expressed of spirit of love and giving to others. For a short "season", a lot of folks seem to get caught up in that spirit of giving, and of love. But, even though the time when we express those wonderful qualities is admittedly short for many of us,  I think it is a least a place to start.

I hope you enjoy the season with family and friends. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, or the myriad of other winter celebrations, may peace and joy be yours.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What Really Happened on Easter?

Lately, I have been thinking and researching the idea of resurrection, you know, the Christian idea that Jesus returned to a living state after a number of days. All of the shows about Jesus are not simply contained in the gospels. Many stories developed in the counsels of the early church over a period of some 1000 years.

 According to the gospels, there seems to be some disagreement as to the actual number of days before he returned to life. Check it out for yourself in all four gospels. There are other discrepancies that make me wonder exactly what physically happened if anything. So, was it a physical resusitation of a dead body. I mean the scripture says Jesus seemed to be real, a live person, with a real body.  He ate with folks, walked with them, they touched him, etc;  But, he told the ladies at the tomb NOT to touch him (John 20:17). However,  in Matthew 28:9, he tells the same ladies to TOUCH him. At various times after the resurrection, Jesus  APPEARS to the disciples, then VANISHES (John 20:19, Mark 16:12). Jesus asks his disciples to touch him, including Thomas, the doubter (Luke 24:39, John 20: 27). Jesus eats with the disciples (John 21:12, Luke 24:43). So, was this a real, physical body?

The early Christians were, of course, influenced by their Jewish heritage, and scriptures. In the Jewish scriptures, there are frequent mentions of a place called SHEOL. It is the abode of the dead; ALL the dead.  The New Testament scriptures say Jesus descended to SHEOL while he was in the grave. On most occasions when Sheol is mentioned, when one goes to sheol, he remains there. There are rare occasions where a return from Sheol is mentioned (I Samuel 2:6). It says that God brings people down to Sheol and then lifts them up.This seems to be the idea that the early followers of Jesus believed.  In early Christianity, to be lifted up was to be exalted. This is a term often used in regard to Jesus; that God exalted him, or lifted him up. Interesting. Somewhere along the way Jesus appears to have gone from being lifted up, ie; exalted, to being raised, ?; to being resurrected. Resurrection means- a return from the dead, a rising again, as from decay, disuse, etc.; revival. A physical resusitation of a body is quite different from being exalted. I tend to think of exaltation as being a spritual act. 

So what happened on Easter? What was it that led the early church to believe that Jesus was physically resurrected back to life? Was there confusion on the part of the early believers? Did the early church then have to decide what really happened with Jesus on Easter? It seems they did. And, the decision they made has continued to this day. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Our Job for the Future

In the future, our job as Americans should be to make an attempt to negate those voices of hatred, extremism, and bitterness, that come from both sides of the political divide. In other words, LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Politics or Religion?

There was post on Facebook today which questioned evangelical Christian's support of Romney. The concern of the author, who is an evangelical, is that in his past experience Mormons had been portrayed as a cult in his particular evangelical denomination*. They had been seen as a threat to traditional Christianity. Why all of a sudden had this past belief been discarded? Remember that the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has removed from their publications any references to the LDS church being a cult. Hmmmm.

Yet, as we all have seen, today evangelicals are supporting Romney in large numbers rather than a man who claims to be a traditional Christian. Why is that? What is there about President Obama that would cause these folks to do that? Some of the evangelicals say that Obama is not a Christian at all, but a "closet" Muslim. Therefore, a Mormon is a better choice than a Muslim.

What does this say about the average evangelical's thinking concerning a choice for president? Does it speak at all to the age-old question of separation of church and state? Does it speak at all to the "dead" issue of racism. It does for me. It speaks volumes.

Are there other possible reasons that an evangelical would vote for Governor Romney? I am sure there are. I am sure evangelicals could provide me with many good reasons why they should vote for Mr. Romney.  I am sure a lot of other Christians could provide me with good reasons why they should vote for President Obama.

I am not at all at ease about this election. I hope our nation can get through the next few days and some how come out stronger. 

*This was also true in the conservative evangelical church I was part of for almost 60 years.

Thursday, November 1, 2012


If you only listen to a small range of voices on any subject, you will not get the full picture. Open your mind, and your ears.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The authority of the Bible

Wonderful thoughts from Dr. James McGrath on the authority of the Bible.


Bruising the Ego

Why is it that the ego is so easily bruised? To me, it says just how powerful the ego can be and how much control we have allowed it to have over us. I experienced this control recently. I became offended by something not worthy of offense. I must learn to put the ego in the background and prevent it from ruling my life. It's not easy. The ego doesn't like it at all. Until I can immeditately see what is happening when the ego takes "front and center" in my life, I shall continue to be ruled by this selfish, power-hungry part of me.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Parenting Is Tough at Any Age

When my wife and I were younger and in the process of raising our three boys, I can remember thinking that this is not easy, but we can do this. As the boys reached the teenage years, it suddenly got a little more complicated. My thoughts then were that this is simply not easy by any means. It could actually be impossible!

One by one the boys successfully graduated from high school. The oldest went away to college. He eventually graduated from Baylor University, and then went to law school. The middle son, announced to us that he wanted to take a year off to decide what he wanted to do with his life. He eventually joined the U.S. Marine Corps. The youngest received a vocal scholarship and went away to college. He returned home after two years, fed up with the world of scholarships and college. He joined the work-a-day world shortly after that.

We had decided that when the youngest left home, the hardest part of parenting had come to an end. The "empty nest" was finally here. Little did we know, the hardest part of parenting was still to come. Don't let anyone tell you that parenting basically comes to an end when the nest is empty. 

Parenting is a lifetime job. It changes as your children reach adulthood. It shifts gears to another style of parenting, but it is only just beginning. Trust me on this. 

Parenting is tough at any age.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In the Process of Change

Change for me used to be difficult.  I have had two different blogs in the last ten years, In Search of Life, and Reflections. It's time for another change. Bear with me as I take that step. I want a blog where I can say what it is that I feel. It is difficult as a former teacher to have a blog that doesn't instruct, that doesn't teach something. That for me has been the problem. The blogs were for the most part instructive about the things most important or most current in my mind that I wanted others to see and read. This new blog, hopefully, will be different. I wish for it to be a place where I can simply express my feelings about subjects and things dear to me (without trying to teach!). It is not going to be an easy thing for me to do. But I think it is the right thing for me to do at this time in my life.

My life is changing as I speak. My wife has officially retired. I will, hopefully, follow her down that path in less than a year. Our lives will change. Maybe drastically. I hope not, but the signs are there. It is with some apprehension that I embark upon this change. Yet, I look forward to what it brings. My dear blogging friends, please come along with me on this new phase of my life.